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The thymus gland is somewhere in your body and most people do not know where it is, including me. This gland is very important, without it your thymones will not work well. If your thymus falls out then you can pick it up and put it back on with the help of a Thymus Supplement. These supplements are very sturdy and will hold your Thymus up for a very long time. Another very good method for supporting your Thymus are the The Special Thymus Suspenders. A little belt that goes around your thymus with two other belts that go over the the thymus shoulders, this will also help support the Thymus Gland. If your Thymus gets out of control then you could take Thymus Therapy. First your fallen thymus is supported and laid on a little couch where you thymus is hypnotized and then regressed back into time when it was healthy. I little man will then say sweet things to it until your Thymus is all happy and giddy. All these Supplemental therapies help your thymus to grow up and become a responsible thymus. This is satirical comedy, I think..... and at its worst - I must have a failing thymus gland that has taken over the humor producing portions of my brain. Please help by leaving a comment! ThymusSupplement.com Staff Member
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